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Why Bring Your
Utility Patent
Application Work Here
Utility patent application work relating to mechanical inventions is a major focus of our practice. This service-oriented, budget-conscious firm wants your mechanical patent application work, for it gives us an opportunity to provide you with the service you want, expect and deserve from a Registered Patent Attorney.

Registered Patent Attorney David A. Burge has 30+ years experience securing utility patent protections on mechanical innovations, industrial and production processes, medical devices and electro-mechanical devices, and systems. David's experience in industry and working with inventors and patent owners over the course of three decades aids his quick grasp of the technology and background information that you need your Patent Attorney to grasp and utilize in assembling the text that describes how your invention improves upon what was known previously.

At this firm, your work will be attended to by a Registered Patent Attorney. He will be the person you talk to anytime you have something to communicate. Your work will not be handled by, and you will not be asked to deal with, a cadre of associates, paralegals, patent agents and others who screen your calls and need to be reminded who you are or what the firm is supposed to be doing on your behalf.

We understand the importance of good patent drawings that properly illustrate important features of your invention, and we work to ensure that the drawings of your patent application meet with your approval. At this firm, our in-house patent draftsperson has 25+ years experience preparing thousands of patent drawings for patent applications.

If someone at our firm other than David Burge answers the phone, or if our voice mail system asks you to leave a message, this means that David has been called away to meet a client or attend a seminar-- but David will return your call at his earliest opportunity, and will gladly assist you in any way he can.
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Our firm welcomes new utility patent work relating to mechanical innovations, industrial and production processes, medical devices and electromechanical devices and systems, and the like. We want you to be so enthusiastically satisfied with our work that you will recommend us to others who desire good service and personal attention.

If you have an invention you want to protect that has not been offered for sale, publicly used or published more than a year ago, and may therefore be entitled to patent protection, please call to talk with David Burge about your specific situation.

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