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The Firm's Focus

The law firm of David A. Burge Co., L.P.A. concentrates in servicing independent inventors, large and small companies, and corporations. The firm focuses on work conducted before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office -- on trademark work, and on patent work mainly relating to designs, mechanical innovations, industrial and production processes, medical devices, and electro-mechanical devices and systems.

We provide a wide variety of patent search services including preliminary patent searches, state-of-the-art searches and other more complex patent search work including infringement and validity studies.

We assist clients in modifying their product designs to avoid infringing the protections afforded by competitor patents. Thoughtfully conducted state-of-the-art searches can disclose a variety of possible solutions, even when competitors think they have covered the waterfront with patents. We enjoy finding solutions that open doors our clients didn't know existed.

We prepare and file Provisional Applications for clients with inventions still under development, followed within the one-year limit by the filing of a Utility Application that takes advantage of the earlier filing dates of the Provisionals. We concentrate on Design Patent work protecting key appearance features of products; prosecute Utility, Design and Trademark applications during their pendency in the USPTO; secure the issuance of Patents and Trademark Registrations for our clients, and work with our clients to maintain their intellectual property by paying periodic Maintenance Fees on Utility Patents, and by prepaing and filing documents needed to maintain and renew Trademark Registrations.

We Invite Your Call

If you have questions about obtaining a patent or registering a trademark, David Burge will be pleased to talk with you by telephone.

Although the majority of the work necessary to protect your intellectual property can often be carried out by mail, fax, email and phone, it is always nice to meet the person on the phone -- and an in-office appointment is easy to arrange.

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David A. Burge is a registered patent attorney who provides legal advice to indivduals and companies needing practical protections for Designs, Trademarks & Mechanical Innovations.

David earned his engineering degree with Highest Honors at the University of Illinois. His law degree was earned while doing patent work in the employ of General Electric, beginning at Georgetown University and concluding at the University of Louisville.

David is the author of articles on patent and trademark protections, is a coauthor of the Patents chapter in engineering handbooks published by John Wiley & Sons, and is the author of three editions of the hardback book Patent & Trademark Tactics & Practice. A fourth edition is in the works.

David has been active in bar association work, is a past Chairman of the Young Lawyers Section of the Cleveland Bar Association, and maintains memberships in the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association, the Cleveland Intellectual Property Law Association, American Bar Association and the American Intellectual Property Law Association.