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Why Bring Your
Search Work Here
Because Patent Searches
Are What We Do

Patent searches are a mainstay of our practice, not a sideline.

Searching U.S. patents for mechanical invention features has been a focus of this firm for more than 30 years.

Our well-honed search techniques let us get quickly to the heart of what you want us to find.

Because A Registered
Patent Attorney
Will Conduct The Search

Every aspect of your patent search will be performed by a Registered Patent Attorney who has decades of search experience and who strives to exceed your expectations.

We do not "farm out" patent search work, as do many other firms: rather, we do the work "in house."

Nothing will be delegated to an associate, a paralegal, a patent agent, or to anyone else; and, an attorney-client privilege will protect the search results work product.
How Patent
Searches May Be Of Value To You
Patentability Searches
Are An Important
First Step

A patent search provides results that help you to decide whether filing for patent protection makes sense.

The results of a patent search often show you solutions others have tried, which can help you avoid mistakes.

A thorough search will expose obstacles that need to be taken into account when a patent application is prepared.

Monitoring Competitor
Patent Activity Can
Give You An Edge

Keep abreast of new patents issuing to your competitors to make certain your products avoid infringement concerns.

Keep abreast of new players in your industry, and observe what they view as being sufficiently important to patent.

Now that patent applications often are published while still pending in the USPTO, use them as a "heads up" suggesting a need to "design around" what others protect.

Patent Searches Can
Keep You From
"Reinventing the Wheel"

Search results can show you how others may have solved the same or a very similar design problem - work that you won't need to repeat when you see what others have done.

Solutions disclosed in expired patents are available to you to copy and use royalty-free and infringement-free.

Patents and published patent applications in your area of interest can show you which entities are active, and what they are doing.